24 Hour Emergency Program

Be prepared for the unexpected. Sign up for our 24-Hour Emergency Service and have access to the parts and service your team requires to swiftly recover and keep the momentum going whenever a crisis arises.


  • If you need any of our products or services after business hours, call our emergency number to reach one of our store associates.
  • Our associate will meet you at the store within an hour of your call (or as agreed during your call) and provide you with the same great service as always.
  • We do not keep any cash in the store after hours and we cannot accept cash payment after hours. Please charge your purchases to your open account or use a credit card, money order, or a company check to pay your invoice.

How to Get Started

  • Open an account with Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. if you don’t have one yet. You can download a credit application right from our website. If you are only interested in opening a COD account, skip over the Trade References and Bank References sections of the application.
  • Fill out the form below, or return the 24-Hour Emergency form to us, filled out and signed by an authorized person.
  • We will send an Emergency Card to each contact in the mail. The card lists the emergency phone numbers of participating ParkerStores and instructions.

Participating ParkerStores

If you would like to find out more about signing up for our 24-Hour Emergency Service, please send an e-mail your questions to marketing@mfcp.com.

Complete the form below to sign Up for 24-Hour Emergency Service