Adaconn/ Inserta

Adaconn® and Inserta® eliminate leaks and bulk associated with line mounted components by removing pipe, tube, and hose connections. Flange mounted modular fittings, ball valves, diverter valves, check valves, relief valves, connectors and adapters can be used to obtain a compact integrated hydraulic system. Special variations of these products can be made, including but not limited to custom reducing adapters, custom modular fittings with reducing and/or mixed outlet content, and stainless-steel variants.

Adaconn® Products include Adapters, Port Connectors, Bolt Kits. INSERTA® Products include Ball Valves, Check Valves, Modular Connectors, Retaining Adapters, Specialty Plates, Connectors, Bolt Kits, and Retaining Systems.

Adaconn® and Inserta® catalog provides trend setting products for integrated hydraulic systems.

Adaconn/Inserta Products


APC Port Connectors AdaconnRProducts



Assemblies Adaconn+InsertaRProducts



AdaflangeTM Adapters AdaconnRProducts



AFO-UK Adapters AdaconnRProducts



IBF Ball Valves InsertaRProducts



ICT Check Valves InsertaRProducts



ICS Check Valve InsertaRProducts


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