AdelWiggins Group

AdelWiggins offers expertise responsiveness and ability when it comes to high-quality, custom-made fluid line components. AdelWiggins produces many products, including flexible connectors, quick connects, clamps, and power tools. Made of stainless steel, these products are designed to last for a long time. Due to their high quality, time-sensitive delivery, and reliability in extreme conditions, their products and services differentiate AddelWiggins from competitors around the world.

AdelWiggins was formed in 1993 by the merger of Wiggins Connectors and Adel Fasteners. AdelWiggins is a consolidation of several entities. Adel Fasteners, which was founded in 1838, is an aerospace company. Furthermore, Wiggins Connectors has a long history in aerospace technology. The brand is especially recognized for its bar clamp and other high-quality clamp products. Its products, which are made of durable steel, are some of the finest in the industry.

Many of AdelWiggins products are proprietary and offer superior engineering characteristics and functionality relative to those of its competitors. The company designs its products specifically to meet the engineering requirements of its customers. The company focuses on aspects such as reduced or low-profile geometry, a broad range of high-temperature service, ease of installation where possible, and utilization of advanced materials to maximize the strength-to-weight ratios of its components.

AdelWiggins Group Products


Tube Connectors



Special Connectors / Preece 



Adel Clamps



Heaters & Heated Hoses



Dielectric Lightning Isolators



Wiggins Service Systems


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