Arrow Pneumatics, Inc.

Arrow Pneumatics provides customers with regulators, filters, desiccant, lubricators, and products made of sintered bronze. Collectively, these products serve a range of markets including heavy-duty, automotive aftermarket, industrial, and PBE. A full line of air control units and desiccant products are also an exclusive Arrow specialty. The company is also a proprietary provider of micro-finished brass seats. These durable regulators are designed to prevent reduced pressure creep. Many products supplied  by the brand are not offered by competitors.

For over 100 years, Arrow Pneumatics has provided customers with a wide range of options. Arrow Pneumatics is proud to be the only company in the US that produces a full line of air preparation products in industries that require dry clean air, including aerospace, automotive, government, food and beverage, dental, industrial, fluid power and medical. Notable clients include Bobcat, John Deere, NAPA, Grainger, Case, McDonald’s, and Access Business Group.

Arrow’s products vary in size in addition to scope and application. Sizes range from mini to intermediate, standard, medium (mid-flow), and high-flow. This translates to a size between 1.8” NPT and 3” NPT. 

Regardless of the type of product you purchase from Arrow, the company assures its products are fully tested after assembly to ensure they meet specific standards for safety and quality. All products have a special coating, inside and out, to prevent wear and damage with exposure to chemical environments.

Arrow also makes a number of specialty and custom products. Their custom products include clean and dry air solutions. Along with custom parts, you can also purchase accessories from Arrow that are compatible with other products. Some of the accessories you can order are a mini regulator, in-line air tool filter, electric air compressor drain, water drain, and mini-line disposable desiccant dryer. 

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