Edge Eyewear

With a niche for safety eyewear and accessories, Edge Eyewear is a go-to choice for top quality eye protection around the world. Edge products are designed to meet or surpass the most stringent standards. For that reason, the brand is known just as much for its innovative and eye-catching designs, packaging, and visual displays.

Edge was formed in 1998 by a young entrepreneur in Utah. The company started out small – in a miniature building, with very few staff and product line. However, demand grew rapidly, and just three years later the company moved from its basement location to a 2,000 sq office building. Within 10 years, the company moved again to a larger warehouse in Utah with twice the manufacturing and office space. Over the years, the company was soon recognized globally for its designer safety glasses.

What makes Edge Eyewear unique, however, is that its products are not only designed with function in mind, they are built to last and look good too. As Edge Eyewear continued producing glasses to meet demanding volumes, it expanded into other areas as well.

  • polarized safety0 glasses
  • safety goggles

    Today, the company serves many markets in the US and Canada. The hardware, construction, and industrial markets are some of the main clients who need durable safety eyewear. Edge also produces a specialty line of tactical eyewear for consumers in law enforcement, shooting sports, and the military.

    Designed in many styles and colors, Edge Eyewear products are a safe and attractive eyewear solution. Committed to customer care, the company is always ready to meet its consumers’ eye safety needs.
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