Fiskars prides itself on developing useful, practical, and durable products created with a meticulous design. For centuries, the company has provided consumers with daily tools easily applied to real-world use. Their products supply commercial entities such as landscapers, professional gardeners, and lumbermen, along with homeowners, with goods like gardening tools, gardening accessories, and axes.

The company began its start in a small Finnish village of Fiskar, Finland in 1649. Distributed in more than 60 countries around the world now both, the town and company, are globally recognized. Initially, made from iron its products later transitioned to a copper base and are now made of durable and long-lasting materials like plastic. With hundreds of years in the industry, their products' development and design are influenced by the current needs of consumers worldwide. 

Whether you need a tool for a specific project or you’re a commercial enterprise looking to make the job easier, you have access to a wide range of products. Fiskars mantra is even the simplest things can always be improved. Therefore, their mission is to take everyday products and make them even better. The company’s versatile product lines are equipped to get the job done.

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