Global Flex Group

Global Flex Mfg. source custom-engineered stainless steel, bronze, and Teflon hose assemblies with a diameter ranging from ¼” to 12”. Their product line contains Hose Assemblies, Stainless Steel Expansion Joints, Seismic Connectors, Pump Connectors, and Flu-Duct Joints.

With facilities manufactured in Redding, California, Global Flex partnerships allow them to expand and supply inventory across the country. They offer a rapid turnaround time, generally in one to two days. The company’s products are readily available or can be made to order and supplied promptly and accurately. Global Flex understands that delivering an incorrect or late product to their distributors can cost them time and money or even potential customers.

With 35 years of combined knowledge, the experts at Global-Flex Manufacturing work with our distribution network to supply OEMs, pipe supply houses, large design and build firms, and engineers nationwide. However, long-lasting relationships with customers such as Mike from VP-Sales go beyond the products. Global Flex takes pride in its commitment to the traditional manufacturer-distributor relationship.

The company can meet the requirements of virtually every industry and/or application. If it is not in stock, they can fabricate it; including custom hose assemblies. Their manufacturing capabilities allow them to tailor their product line of items or make any new part and/or metal hose assembly to your specifications.

Global-Flex representatives nationwide will recommend the very best solution for your application and even provide technical and/or marketing support, their catalog can easily assist in satisfying their clients and obtaining an order.

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