Hanbay has modernized the electric valve actuator market with a miniature advanced and sophisticated production.

Since 2004, this family-owned engineering company has been at the forefront of the valve automation industry. Their product has been recognized as the world’s smallest electric valve actuator. Hanbay products occupy minimal space and have a torque range of 3 to 5,550 in-lbs. With a compact profile and high torque design Hanbay has become a customer favorite.

Hanbay works closely with the Parker Divisions to help with their valve actuation requirements. Their collaboration with Parker valves offers quality and flexibility customers crave. You can control any valve or pressure regulator regardless of the type.

Hanbay M-Series Actuators

What we love: easy integration

The M-Series easily integrates into any flow control system. They’re precise and compatible with any valve or pressure regulator up to 2″. These products are a great option if you need an electric valve actuator that can be configured for 1/2 turn 1/4 turn or proportional multi-turn automation.

M-Series | Multi-turn actuator

M-Series | ½ and ¼ turn actuators

Hanbay R-Series Actuators

Perfect for anyone needing an actuator that can withstand harsh environments. The R-Series is robust and CSA/UL explosion-proof rated. If you’re looking to control anything from delicate metering valves up to bulky gate valves, the R-Series is the one.

R-Series | Explosion-proof multi turn actuators

R-Series | Explosion-proof ½ and ¼ turn actuators

Hanbay Products


Electric Valve Actuators






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