Husky Corporation

Husky Corporation is devoted to developing products designed for industrial purposes. This includes fueling nozzles and fueling products. The company also provides specialty items, such as aviation fueling products and gas station fueling products, as well. No matter what kind of product consumers require, Husky ensures that they are safe, high-quality, and rigorously tested.

The company was started by an artic explorer and inventor Eugene Sutcliffe. Initially Sutcliffe developed gas station fueling products to protect cars from being scratched during the fueling process. Since his nozzles became so successful the demand for more comprehensive fueling products began to grow. Shortly after his notability the company Husky was established.

Husky Corporation has delivered American-made goods to consumers for 70 years. The company generates several different product lines that contain specialty solutions. In addition to Husky, these lines include BJE, Hewitt, Enevo, Benecor, and RS. Some are also targeted to specific industries. Today, the company produces aviation fueling products as well, along with fuel line breakaways and much more.

In addition to innovative design and manufacturing capabilities, the company also attributes its successful growth to a dedicated sales and support team. It operates using a five-pillar philosophy of safety, quality, customer loyalty, team-building, and productivity. Husky has several unique product lines:

    - Husky: includes hoses, nozzles, and accessories such as guards, spouts, and swivels.

    - BJE: has tank monitors, spouts, nozzles, hoses, and adaptors.

    - Hewitt: includes aviation fueling hoses, falcon hoses, and JacRiser hoses.

     - Enevo: consists of monitoring devices

    - Benecor: includes various dispensers

    - RS: contain loading arms

From fuel line breakaways to nozzles and assorted fueling products, Husky has your fueling needs covered in many different industries.

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