ITT Conoflow

ITT Conoflow offers a variety of materials and configurations that serve the chemical processing, compressed natural gas (CNG) market, food and beverage, petroleum, medical, pulp, and paper markets. The company produces positions, transducers, actuators, and diaphragm seals.

Since 1920, ITT has established a universal name for producing and manufacturing products. The brand has expanded into sub-brands that design and manufacture natural gas vehicle (NGV) regulators, low and high-pressure regulators as well as filter and specialty regulators. Their Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Regulators are all certified to ECE R110. The Series provided are listed below:


Series HPNGV4- great for OEM vehicles, engine, and fuel systems

  • look for an optional inlet sensor and/or high-pressure shut-off (solenoid) integrally mounted into the regulator.

Series HPNGV2- also great for OEM vehicles, engines, and fuel systems

  • look for reliability and stellar performance, with a safe and reliable pressure control element.

Series LDNGV- some key design features include:

  • an integral and serviceable 10-micron fiber
  • optional solenoid valve (that same high-pressure shut-off)
  • optional inlet pressure sensor (matched to the regulator's performance)
  • optional bonnet to intake manifold connection
  • easy to install package

    ITT is a company that supplies products of greater quality. If you need custom parts Conoflow can assist you on your next project. Customer support is available for all your engineering needs. Check out the Conoflow catalog to view a list of their product line.

Conoflow Products



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