J.E. Adams

J.E. Adams is a leading manufacturer that produces high-quality self serve car wash equipment, pressure washing products, and mist cooling solutions. With customer satisfaction being implemented as the #1 goal, the company’s support team is devoted to providing the best experience.

With more than 40+ years of experience, the reputation of the J.E. brand exceeds them. After engineering millions of parts the durability of their product is dependable and long-lasting. The company’s manufacturing generates one of the most diverse lines of self-serving car wash products in the market. Remarkably the brand has installed more than 100,000 units of vacuums, combination units, air machines, detail stations, or island and canopies. Any consumer looking to generate revenue in the car wash industry or even your own backyard J.E. Adams has the right merchandise for you. Their innovative product designs are delivered quickly and at a cost that can’t be beaten.

The brands top products include the central vacuum systems, combination units, and air/water machines:

  • Central Vacuum Systems- provide a wide range of options and features
  • Combination units- contain multiple profit centers in one unit with the ability to charge various prices for several services
  • Air/water machines- the J.E. brand is the country’s largest supplier. Manufacturing its machines out of stainless steel their products are built to last for decades.

J.E. Adams catalog provides an entire range of products available.


J.E. Adams Products


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