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Kanaflex Products supplies a variety of the highest quality PVC, rubber, urethane, polypropylene, ducting hoses, and metal reinforced HDPE pipe. Their product line consists of highly engineered products utilizing advanced technology, equipment, and proprietary blends of raw materials.

Established in 1952, Kanaflex is a solely owned subsidiary of Kanaflex Corporation Japan. The company comprises facilities located in Vernon Hills, Illinois, and Compton, California, as well as a distribution center in Houston, Texas. Their products are distributed through a network of suppliers across North America and Canada. Kanaflex innovative production methods continue to surpass their competition conventional plastic and rubber hose. Actively committed to research and development, Kanaflex facilities promote a growing line of hose and pipe products. All merchandise is assembled and tested to conform to the guided specifications of quality service and dependability.

As a leader in the industry, the company searches for innovative ways in development and manufacturing to meet the demanding applications for their line of hose and pipes. Their products replace more costly and harder to manage hoses for many of the industry’s most complex trades. As of recent, a metal corrugated HDPE pipe was introduced for stormwater drainage and sewer application. Its superior strength and unique composite structure put Kanaflex ahead of the competition.


Kanaflex HDPE Pipe is a strong combination of steel & HDPE to provide a unique composite pipe that meets ASTM F2435. Kanapipe Super has advanced high strength and ring stiffness properties provided by superior design for stormwater drainage applications. It contains watertight joints that have an integral bell & spigot design. Its lightweight gravity flow allows for easy installation.


Kanaflex Hose is a flexible hose that lends itself to working in tight spaces. They are 50% lighter than conventional rubber hoses, making them easier to handle and less expensive to transport. Its interior is of a smooth bore and a flexible bending characteristic making fluids fast and efficient.

Kanaflex hose properties are ideally suited for the following applications and conditions:

    - Oil

    - Chemicals

    - Gasoline

    - Abrasives

    - Extreme Temperature Variations

    - Extreme Weather Conditions

You can also view the Kanaflex catalog for a list of products.

Kanaflex Products


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