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OPW is a global entity, a subsidiary company to the Dover Corporation with several brands and divisions. One division is OPW Fueling Products. The fueling division’s products are intended for both alternative and conventional fuels. This innovative brand ensures that the infrastructure worldwide has a safe and efficient means of getting fuel.

OPW was established in Hamilton, Ohio in 1991 and has expanded since it began fueling products, globally. The company has continually and consistently brought accessible and dependable products to the commercial and industrial markets. Relocating several times OPW has produced multiple companies to support their growth. With over 3,800 employees the company has been fortunate to have manufacturing facilities in North America, Brazil, China, India, and Europe. For years, the company has successfully built a business around the simple but important pillars of safety, innovation, and quality. It has won many awards for its retail fueling products, including “Manufacturer of the Year” for several years in a row.

OPW Fueling offers several product lines. Including Underground Storage Tank Equipment, Above Ground Storage Tank Equipment, Piping and Containment Systems, and Dispensing Equipment. Collectively, they keep the environment and operators safe with spill containment equipment, monitoring equipment, overfill prevention tools, tank venting equipment, pipe connection parts, and more. Consumers needing assistance can get help with responsive customer service and abundant resources.

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