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In aerospace fluid conveyance systems for it is critical for the safety of the aircraft and passengers to prevent the loss of system pressure if a hose, tube, or other conveyance component ruptures or fails. Parker Stratoflex hydraulic fuses are carefully designed and constructed to close if the quantity or rate of flow reaches a certain threshold. Stratoflex hydraulic fuses provide reliability and peace of mind without restricting normal flow or operations, even in high-rate cycling applications such as brake anti-skid controls.

Parker Stratoflex offers three types of fuses: type one and type two fuses are considered quantity measuring, and type three is considered velocity measuring. Quantity measuring fuses react and close-off flow only after a certain quantity of fluid has passed through it, regardless of the rate of flow or pressure of the fluid. Velocity fuses react and close off flow when the fluid velocity or flow rate reaches or exceeds a certain threshold, regardless of system pressure or quantity of the fluid.

When safety is critical, trust the decades of engineering design and testing experience of Parker Stratoflex.

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Tech Specifications:


Features & Attributes

  • Provides safety-critical function by preventing loss of fluid from system in the event of system failure
  • Designed to protect system integrity without restricting fluid flow rate or operation
  • Engineered, tested, and constructed to provide long-term reliable service for both high-rate cycling systems and continuous-flow systems
  • Protects key components and sub-systems within fluid conveyance systems


Type one and two fuses -

  • Designed to protect sub-systems that have fixed displacement components, such as linear or rotary actuators with limited stroke
  • Available for both commercial and military applications

Type three fuses -

  • Designed for use with continuous flow devises, such as fluid motors
  • Available for commercial applications
Stratoflex Quotes & Questions

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