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Developed initially for the demanding performance requirements of NASA, Parker Stratoflex invented the original “beam seal” Dynatube® design for high temperature, high pressure aerospace systems. Parker Stratoflex’s Dynatube fittings have been proven through decades of testing, development, and installation in nearly every aerospace application.

Using an elegantly simple geometric design and the utilization of compression and load forces, Dynabute fittings create several redundant seals for a zero-leak seal – even after repeated assembly and disassembly. Dynatube fittings can also be used on aircraft hydraulic systems without the need for safety wiring, as proven by repeated NASA testing in high vibration rocket applications.

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Parker Stratoflex Dynatube fittings are designed for application in all military and commercial aerospace fluid conveyance systems.

Optional Features:
Available in a variety of materials: titanium, stainless steel, or inconel.


  • The original “beam seal” design
  • Patented design proven in millions of space, lunar, and aviation installations
  • Dynamic seal design with hydraulic reliability for zero leaks at high temperature and high pressure
  • Lighter weight and smaller envelope when compared to flared and flareless fittings
  • Resistant to vibration creep and nut loosening for ultimate reliability
  • Ease of installation, low maintenance, and extended service life
Stratoflex Quotes & Questions

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