Velcon Parker

Velcon Parker – Velcon Filtration Division is now able to provide premium Cla-Val™ ground fueling equipment for commercial aircraft refueling. Through an exclusive partnership with Cla-Val, we are able to provide nozzles, pressure control couplers, hydrant pit valves, and in-line valves available through our global distribution partners. In addition, Parker Gold Label® Aircraft Refueling Hose is now available to complete the ground fueling solutions products for your aircraft refueling needs.

Cla-Val hydrant pit valves and pressure couplers are utilized to safely deliver fuel to refueling trucks equipped with Cla-Val nozzles designed to mate with the underwing pressure refueling adaptors.

In addition to an extensive product range, Cla-Val also offers the best customer service in the industry, backed by knowledgeable field support professionals with decades of experience. An in-house team of Aviation Fueling Engineers work to develop new solutions and continuously improve the products you rely on to operate your aircraft fueling systems.

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