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V-152 is sold out - please contact us for BVA replacement Enerpac V-152 is SOLD OUT. Please consider using BVA CVR3 valve instead.

BVA CVR3 Valve controls pressure developed by the pump. Bypass occurs when pre-set pressure is reached (up to 10,000 psi). Turn handle clockwise to increase, or counter-clockwise to decrease preset pressure.

Download free BVA Catalog and look under flow control valves.

The Enerpac V-152 is a high pressure hydraulic pressure relief valve designed for 800 to 10,000 psi adjustment range.

The Enerpac V-152 hydraulic valve limits pressure developed by the pump in a hydraulic circuit. The valve opens whenever preset pressure is reached. To increase the pressure setting, turn the handle clockwise. Includes 3 ft return line hose kit.

ON SALE for $209 (regular price: $278). All Enerpac V-66 hydraulic valve sales are final. No Returns, credits or exchanges after purchase. All products are new and covered by the Enerpac Warranty.

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Enerpac V-152 Features:

  • High pressure
  • 3/8" NPTF ports
  • Steel construction

Enerpac V-152 Specifications:

  • Maximum pressure: 10,000 psi
  • Pressure adjustment range: 800 - 10,000 psi
  • 3/8" - 18 NPTF ports

V-66 Valve - SALE

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Enerpac V-152 Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve

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