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Santa Fe Springs, CA

11947 Florence Avenue, Suite 5
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

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Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Santa Fe Springs, CA ParkerStore

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Santa Fe Springs, CA | ParkerStore

Communities Served

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mfcp-filtration products


Offered in this ParkerStore
Available at another ParkerStore

  •  Bioscience & Water
  • Engine Mobile (OEM & Aftermarket) | Racor
  • Engine Air, Fuel & Transmission Filtration - Balwin
  • Hydraulic Filtration - Parker
  • Compressed Air - Finite, Dominick Hunter
  • Gas Separation & Filtration - Finithe & Balston
  • Food & Beverage - Dominick Hunter
  • EMEA Industrial Gas Filtration & Generation
  • Oil & Gas Filtration - Peco
  • Water Purification
  • Dust Collection & Mitigation - BHA

Hose & Connectors

Offered in this ParkerStore
Available at another ParkerStore

Hose Assemblies

  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Industrial
  • Transportation/D.O.T.
  • Specialty
  • Accessories
Fittings & Connectors
  • Hose Ends - Crimp, Reusable, Banded
  • Tube Fittings/Adapters 
  • Industrial Hose Fittings & Couplings
  • Transportation/D.O.T.
  • Quick Disconnects/Live Swivels
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic
  • Accessories: Sleeves, Guards, Bend Restrictors, Hose-Whip Protection




Offered in this ParkerStore
Available at another ParkerStore

  • Actuators: Rotary | Helac, Electro-Hydraulic, Electromechanical, Industrial & Mobile Cylinders
  • Accumulators & Coolers
  • Hydraulic Pumps: Gear, Piston, Hydrostatic, Vane, Screw
  • Hydraulic Motors: Low-Speed High-Torque, Gear, Piston, Radial Piston, Vane
  • Hydraulic Pump/Motor Combos
  • Valves: Industrial & Mobile
  • Hydraulic Cartridge & Manifold Systems
  • Integrated Hydraulics
  • Filtration & Filters
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Electronic Control Systems


Offered in this ParkerStore
Available at another ParkerStore

  • Compression Tube Fittings
  • High Purity: Face Seal Fittings, Gaskets, Regulators, Packless Diaphragm & Bellow Valves
  • Ball & Needle Valves
  • Manifolds
  • Fluoropolymer Flare, Grip & Weld Fittings
  • Regulators, Spray Guns, Valves, Tubing
  • Autoclave Ultra-High Pressure Fittings, Valves, Tubing
  • Measurement: Meters, Gauges
  • Sanitary Tri-Clamp Fittings, Valves, Pumps, Heat Exchangers & Equipment
  • Engineered Plastic Couplers
  • Stainless Steel Tubing


Offered in this ParkerStore
Available at another ParkerStore

  • Cylinders, Guided Cylinders
  • Rotary Actuators
  • Air Motors
  • Air Control
  • Flow Control
  • Accessories
  • Filters
  • Regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Air Line Accessories

Remote Equipment Monitoring

Offered in this ParkerStore
Available at another ParkerStore


  • Parker SensoNODE Blue Wireless Bluetooth Sensors and Voice of the Machine Mobile App


  • Parker SensoNODE Gold Wireless Sensors and Voice of the Machine Software


  • Cloud-Based Solutions for Heavy Duty, Off-Road Equipment


Offered in this ParkerStore
Available at another ParkerStore

  • Rubber O-Rings, Quad-Rings & Multi-Seals
  • Rod Seals, Piston Seals & Wear Rings | PolyPak
  • Rotary Shaft Seals | FlexiLip, Flexi-Case
  • PTFE Low Friction Seals
  • EMI Shielding Gaskets, Vulcanized O-Rings
  • Thermal Transfer Materials, Seals & Gaskets
  • Metal Seals & O-Rings
  • Custom Molded Shapes
  • Hollow O-rings and Low Closure Force Extrusions
  • Press-in-Place Diamond Seals
  • Rubber Bonded to Metal or Plastic
  • Military, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Life Sciences, Semiconductor, General Industrial, etc.

Tube Assemblies

In-house Technology
Available Technology 

  • Metal Tube Assembly Production
  • Hose/Tube Combination Assemblies
  • CNC Benders for Accurate Tolerances
  • CMM Laser Measurement Equipment for Verification & Reverse Engineering
  • Flaring, Flanging, Brazing
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • 1/4" to 1-1/2" (6mm - 42 mm) OD
*Inquire about Other Sizes and Materials



  • Hydraulic System Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing
  • Hydraulic Component Remanufacturing
  • Hydraulic System Field Service & Troubleshooting
  • Control System Application, Design & Engineering
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Cylinder Interchanges
  • Component Failure Analysis
  • Custom Manifold Design & Assembly
  • Safety Training
  • Pneumatic Control Panel Design & Fabrication
  • Pneumatic Component / FRL, Valve Actuator Sizing
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Sizing
  • Pneumatic System Design
  • Air system evaluations
  • UL508A Qualified Control Panel Fabrication

Engineered Seal Production

  • Gasket Cutting
  • Vulcanizing
  • Seal Kitting
  • Seal Design
  • Gland Design
  • Application Analysis/Material Recommendation
  • Certification Documentation
  • Seal Kitting

Hose Assembly Production

  • Crimped Assemblies (up to 10" ID)
  • Internal Expansion Assemblies (up to 4" ID)
  • API Certified Aircraft Fueling Assemblies
  • Certified CNG Assemblies
  • High-Pressure Assemblies  - up to 65,000 PSI (SLC)
  • Custom-Engineered Hose & Fittings
  • Hose Identification
  • Hydrostatic Testing with Documentation (up to 10,000 PSI)
  • Assembly Cleaning Ultra Clean (Hose Pigging)
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Assembly Kitting

Instrumentation Service

  • Panel Assembly
  • Certification Documentation
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Kitting

VMI Program

  • Local Inventory
  • Electronic Ordering
  • Smart Bins
  • Crimper Placement

Custom Tube Assembly Fabrication

  • Engineering Support
  • Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Kitting

Equipment Rental


  • Filter Carts (Hydraulic & Fuel)
  • Hose Crimp Machines
  • Tube Benders
  • Flaring Machines
  • Cut-Off Saws
  • Hydraulic Flushing Units
  • Hydraulic Fluid Water Removal Filtration Units
  • Hydraulic Power Units

Quality Control


  • PPAP
  • First Article
  • Certs/Documentation
  • ISO 9001:2015 (Aurora Distribution)