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Posted by Marek Bobik on Thu, Dec 12, 2013 @ 01:26 PM
Marek Bobik
Parker Defense protection sleeve

Parker Partek Defense is a new hose sleeve which can help prevent injuries from a blown-out hose by containing, and then dissipating, the energy and media within the hose assembly.

 There are many ways that people get hurt around hydraulic equipment as a result of a hose blow-out.

Injuries include hot oil burns, slipping on oil spills, bruises, cuts and broken bones from hoses that whip around wildly. The frequency of these types of injuries can be greatly reduced by sound safety and maintenance policies, and by being smart about high-pressure hose routing.

Partek Defense Protective Hose Sleeve

There is a new safety product which can help prevent a blown-off hose from causing injuries – a special protective hose sleeve called the Partek Defense. In the past, hose whip restraint systems did not address the high pressure fluid containment. The Partek Defense hose sleeve not only prevents hose whip, it also prevents hot hydraulic oil from spraying over a large area.

How Partek Defense Hose Sleeve Works

Partek Defense is designed to provide protection to personnel and equipment in the event of a hose burst by containing the energy of the burst. It features a multi-layered construction that contains and then dissipates the energy and media within the hose assembly. It can be applied to any hose application, but is most valuable in industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture where operators are in close proximity to high-pressure hoses. Partek Defense provides burst protection up to 12,000 psi.

Partek Defense is flexible so it does not restrict hose movement and does not limit the hose routing options. It is made from high-strength coated fibers which hold up against ultra-violet light, ozone, and other environmental elements. Partek Defense is approved for use with Parker 43, 70, 71, 73, 77, 78, and 79 Series fittings. It’s available in 50-ft lengths.

Installation Instructions for Partek Defense

  • Determine the size of the Partek Defense Sleeve to be used – use the chart below.
  • Cut off a length of Partek Defense Sleeve equal to the overall length of your hose assembly.
  • Slide the sleeve over the hose assembly.
  • Secure the end of the sleeve to the hose fitting shell using a metal band clamp (P/N: FSC), and the FSC Clamp Tool (P/N: FST-711617).

At this point it is not clear if the Partek Defense protects against hose whip if a fitting completely blows off the hose. This question has been posed to Parker Hose Division engineers and will be posted when an answer is received.

Hose Size ID*  Part Number
Sleeve Flat ID “A” Sleeve Round ID “B”
(in) (mm) (in) (mm)
-4 YS-B-17 1.92 49 1.22 31
-6 YS-B-19 2.12 54 1.35 34
-8 YS-B-22 2.24 57 1.45 36
-10 YS-B-27 2.55 65 1.63 41
-12 YS-B-33 2.85 72 1.81 46
-16 YS-B-37 3.73 95 2.38 60
 *  Approved with Parker 43, 70, 71, 73, 77, 78 and 79 Series fittings.

Other Safety Measures Regarding Hose Blow-Outs

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