Hydraulic Hose Solutions for Airport Ground Support Equipment

Posted by Marek Bobik on Wed, Mar 02, 2011 @ 07:51 AM
Marek Bobik

Parker Hannifin’s Hose Product Division recently published the White Paper titled Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Hose Services – Parker Hydraulic Hose Repair and Replacement Solutions for Aviation Ground Support Equipment. The White Paper is co-authored by Eric S. McCarthy, CFPHS, Product Sales Manager and Angela G. Brown, Marketing Development Manager.



Commercial airport ground service equipment, such as jetways, loaders, auxiliary power units, deicers or snowplows are built to meet tough 24/7/365 service demands.

When a system goes down, there are dedicated maintenance crews on staff to quickly address the issue. However, Parker research has found that maintenance teams are typically ill-equipped to deal with a hydraulic hose assembly failure. There are a number of problems crew face when dealing with a hydraulic hose assembly failure:

-Crews often lack knowledge of the various types of hydraulic hoses.

-The time involved in accurately identifying the correct replacement assembly.

-Not having the required hose on hand.

-Being unaware of where to get a replacement quickly. 

-Finding a supplier who has the correct hose in stock.


Both the ground support equipment provider and airline incur additional costs due to equipment waiting idle for a replacement hose assembly.

This is where Parker’s extensive network of ParkerStores comes into play. There is a ParkerStore located close to every major North American commercial airport. ParkerStores offer a large inventory of the highest quality hose and fittings. Parkerstores stock the airlines’ most demanded hydraulic hose and fittings, while also providing 24/7 emergency service to ensure product availability around the clock.

Take the guesswork out of identifying replacement hose assemblies and finding local suppliers with Parker's free HoseFinder. HoseFinder is a free mobile application which helps you identify the correct replacement hose assembly, and finds the nearest ParkerStore for you. It works on your BlackBerry or iPhone.

A quick overview of hydraulic fluid and compatible hoses on typical airport ground support equipment:

Airplane deicer  Fighter jet refueling  Airplane under-the-wing fueling 



Fluids: Glycol fluid is conveyed through hydraulic hose for deicing. Petroleum-based hydraulic fluid is used for pressure applications.
Parker hose to choose: 471TC, 722TC

Jetways/Passenger Loading Systems:

Fluids: Petroleum-based hydraulic fluid.
Parker hose to choose: 471TC

Loaders/Baggage, Freight, Cabin Service:

Fluids: Petroleum-based hydraulic fluid.
Parker hose to choose: 471TC, 722TC

Auxiliary Power Units:

Fluids: Phosphate ester-based fluid is conveyed through the hose and transferred onto the aircraft.
Parker hose to choose: 304, 774, F42

Runway and Taxiway Snowplows:

Fluids: Petroleum-based hydraulic fluid.
Parker hose to choose: 471TC 

Get Parker's free HoseFinder - take the guess work out of identifying the correct hose replacement and save time with a quick search to find the nearerst ParkerStore.

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