Crimping your Parker hose assembly is easy

Posted by Marek Bobik on Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 12:27 PM
Marek Bobik

The Parkrimp system is the easiest way to crimp hose assemblies.

  • The crimp dies are color-coded and linked for easy die selection and identification
  • The crimp dies incorporate the unique Park-align feature which makes positioning the fitting in the crimper easy and precise
  • The bottom-loading crimper design makes crimping even a long, heavy hose assembly a piece of cake
  • Parker has the industry's widest selection of no-skive hoses, so forget about cutting back the rubber cover prior to installing the hose ends. Even Parker's high pressure hose assemblies are no-skive!

Follow step-by-step crimping instructions for your Parker crimper:

Don't forget to use calipers to measure the first, fiftieth and last hose assembly produced to ensure proper crimp dimensions. The proper minimum / maximum crimp diameters can be found here - Crimp charts for Parker crimpers

Eight-segment crimp dies

Eight-segment crimp dies ensure a smooth, even, 360-degree crimp.

Color-coded dies

Crimp dies are color-coded to ensure you select the right die for your hose assembly every time.

Crimp dies are either Silver, Black, or Olive Drab depending on the series of fitting you are crimping. 

The color-coding corresponds to the dash size of the fitting you are using.

Linked die segments

Crimp die segments are linked so that you never misplace or mix up your crimp dies.

Parkalign feature

The Parker PARKALIGNTM feature makes positioning the fitting in the die easy and repeatable - anyone will know how to crimp like a pro.

Bottom-loading crimper

Long hose assemblies are made simple with Parker's bottom-loading crimper design.

Full length crimp

You can trust your hose assembly to be reliable with a full length crimp from your Parker crimper.


Preventive maintenance

To ensure a quality hose assembly every time, be sure to read about Preventive maintenance recommendations for Parker crimpers.


Crimper selection

There are a wide variety of Parker crimpers that allow you to produce your hose assembly with precision and consistency. See our Parker Crimper Selection Guide to determine which crimper is right for you! Parker's new modular crimpers allow you to choose portable or bench mount setup.


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