Genuine Parker Parts Program | 3-Year Leak Free Warranty

Posted by Marek Bobik on Tue, Jun 26, 2012 @ 12:33 PM
Marek Bobik
Parker GPP Logo Parker's Three-Year Genuine Parts Warranty - a program for hydraulic component manufacturers.

Under the Genuine Parker Parts Program your customers receive the highest quality, most efficient fluid conveying system available, backed by Parker anywhere in the world. In the unlikely scenario of a problem with a leak, a Parker-trained technician will be dispatched to provide support anywhere it’s required.


  • Reduced assembly cost through reducing number of parts
  • Reduced assembly cost through faster system assembly
  • Optimal flow through optimal hose and tube sizing
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Reduced leak paths
  • Increased system accessibility
  • Reduced number of connections
  • Increased reliability with Parker products
  • Improved appearance

How it Works:

Parker engineers analyze each model in your product line using the SensoControl® diagnostic system, and work with your engineers to develop the most efficient fluid conveying system. Parker engineers' industry-proven experience is invaluable to specifying the right Parker products for each application. Parker engineers assist with hose and tube line sizing to optimize flow and minimize pressure loss.

Next, Parker engineers work with your manufacturing team to plumb the prototype unit, implementing the design developed with your engineers.

Also, your assemblers will receive training in Dry Technology and will be certified by Parker.

Once Parker and your team both approve the prototype, the model is certified for production under the Genuine Parker Parts Program, and awarded a Three-Year Leak-Free Warranty.

In addition, Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. will work with you to determine the most efficient and economical schedule for delivery of Parker components to your production line. Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. also offers kitting, to consolidate parts required for a specific model’s assembly.

Parker’s Application Engineer consults with your engineering team to design the best fluid connector system for each model in your product line.

The Three-Year Leak-Free Warranty covers connector sealing surfaces. Hose life varies greatly with each application. However, the Parker engineered system analysis will increase hose life due to improved routing schemes, hose selection, and elimination of potential problem areas. For that reason, Parker is able to offer a one-year hose assembly warranty.

Parameters of the Genuine Parker Parts program:

  • All ports: Elastomer
    O-ring seal.
  • All Parker Hannifin Fluid Connectors.
  • All Tube and Hose ends must be Seal-Lok or Flange.
  • All installers trained by Parker in Dry Technology.
  • Ball valves must have Elastomer seals.
  • One set of torque wrenches must be available at the assembly site.
  • All hydraulic tank ports must be Elastomer O-ring seals.
  • Warranty qualification on a model by model basis.
  • Each warranty registration card must be filled out by end-user for claim validity.
  • All hose assemblies to meet minimum bend radii requirements.
  • Parker SensoControl® and graphic printer verification of system pressures and spikes.
  • Written Quality Control procedure for ensuring that all joints are assembled properly. Copy to be submitted before approval.
  • No hose twist - use two wrenches.
  • Proper clamping is required.
  • Proper line velocities.
  • Allow slack for hose expansion and contraction.
  • Customer must maintain log of trained assemblers.
  • Lubrication of port O-rings, Seal-Lok® and Flange O-rings before installation.

Posted by Marek Bobik

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