Air Saver for Blow Guns | Parker HASV08R

This Product was previously being evaluated for the US market but the manufacturer no longer offers it. Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. has sold several units, so we are leaving this page up for reference. Please choose another Air Saver for help.



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What is RENDa Air Saver?

Parker RENDa Air Saver is an air valve that attaches to a blow gun and converts constant flow of air to pulsating air (Pulsing Air Valve).

It can reduce compressed air consumption by up to 50%, while performing the same amount of work in applications such as blowing off dust or drying parts.

It comes with a switch, so if a continuous blow is required, the pulsing function can be turned off.


HASV08R Specifications

Fluid Compressed Air
Pressure Range
Max Flow
1,300 (@ 72.5 PSI)1
Ambient Temperature Range
Pulse Adjustment Range
Port Size - In Rc 1/4
Port Size - Out R 1/4


  1. “Maximum Flow” is the flow capacity of this product. Actual flow consumption depends on the blowgun used.
  2. If the temperature is under 50°F, pulse blow may be unstable. Switch to continuous flow until ambient temperature reaches 50°F.


HASV08R Dimensions

Parker HASV08R Dimensions

HASV08R Function



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