Connect Under Pressure Hydraulic Quick Couplers | Parker 5000 Series

Parker 5000 Series Hydraulic Couplers Key Features

  • Two-piece coupler body that permits operation while one or both halves are under pressure as well as when there is no pressure in either half.
  • Connect under pressure by unscrewing the valve body until two or three threads are visible.
  • Nipple can be inserted and locked into the coupler without opening either valve. (Use a wrench to thread the valve body back into the coupler, the valves are opened against internal pressure. If internal pressure makes manual disconnect difficult, unscrewing the valve body from the coupler will permit the valves to close, thereby relieving internal pressure and allowing manual operation of the ball-locking sleeve.).
  • The mating 8010 series nipples meet ISO 5675 requirements.

5000 Series Product Specifications


5000 Series Couplers 5000 Series Nipples


The Parker 5000 Series is an economical coupling that is a threaded union and can be connected under pressure with tools. For applications that require a coupling to be connected under-pressure and where tools can be used to make the connection, the 5000 Series coupling should be considered.

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