Non-Spill Hydraulic Quick Couplers | Parker NS Series

Parker NS Series Hydraulic Couplers Key Features

  • Positive valve stop. The perch maintains valve alignment and provides metal to metal valve stop to ensure that the valves open fully, every time.
  • Captive valve seal assures “bubble tight” poppet sealing. The valve seal is positively captured by the metal poppet to minimize seal washout or damage from high velocity fluid.
  • Steel construction, Chromium-6 Free plated. Hardened nipples and sleeves, and solid barstock construction, for maximum resistance to damage from hydraulic and mechanical shock.
  • The seal is designed to withstand high pressures and provide reliable sealing. 1/2" and above sizes feature PTFE back-up rings that support mating seals for high pressure applications.
  • Durable ball-locking assure reliable connection, every time. A large number of locking balls distribute the work load evenly while providing alignment and swiveling action to reduce hose torque and prolong hose life. CAUTION: these products are not to be used as swivels, rotation under pressure will result in excessive and premature wear.
  • Female pipe (NPSF), SAE O-Ring Boss and British pipe (BSPF) are available as standard.
  • Dry-Disconnect Series couplings employ flush valving when connecting or disconnecting. This means that the valves are mated together so that only small amounts of fluid can be lost during disconnection or air included during reconnection.
  • Sleeve locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection when the coupling is dragged along the ground. Sleeve is rotated to engage the lock. The sleeve-lock feature is standard on this product.

NS Series Product Specifications


NS Series Couplers NS Series Nipples


Parker’s NS Series couplings are geared toward the public utility market, where hydraulic oil spillage can cause a serious safety hazard. 

Typical applications - Allows for a quick change of hydraulic hand tools in the construction, railway, and mining industries.

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