VUC - Polypropylene Ball Valves - Metric Union Connector | LIQUIfit™ 

LIQUIfit’s corrosion-resistant, all plastic design makes the valves ideal for water filtration units, coffee and beverage machines, plus a wide variety of other fluid applications.
The polypropylene material meets all FDA and NSF-51 requirements for food contact.

VUC Metric Valve Union Connector
  • Working Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Temperature Range: +35°F to +200°F
  • O-Ring Seal Material: EPDM
  • NSF-51 Listed, FDA Approved

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Part No.

Tube 1 Size

Tube 2 Size





ØE Thru Hole Min.

LFPP6MVUC6M 6MM 6MM 2.24 1.08 1.4 .5 .19
LFPP8MVUC8M 8MM 8MM 2.35 1.09 1.4 .5 .25
LFPP10MVUC10M 10MM 10MM 2.73 1.30 1.4 .5 .33
LFPP12MVUC12M 12MM 12MM 3.46 1.72 1.4 .5 .37

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Inspect the mating threads for debris or damage. Remove any old fluoropolymer tape or sealant on previously used threads.
    If threads are damaged, use a new adapter before proceeding.
  2. Apply 2 to 3 wraps of fluoropolymer tape or an NSF/FDA approved silicone sealant.
    Do not use Plumbers Putty or Pipe Dope. These chemically react with plastic materials and could cause a failure.
  3. Align ball valve onto mating thread to ensure cross threading does not occur.
  4. Screw ball valve onto mating thread 3 to 5 turns. Do not over-tighten
  5. Pressurize the system and check for leaks.