Nylon Tubing | Parker Series NTNA

Semi-rigid Nylon Tubing


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  • High grade nylon resins without the addition of plasticizers
  • Excellent chemical resistance and rugged construction
  • Provides high tensile strength with excellent coupling retention in high pressure, temperature and vibration environments

Sizes and Specifications

Part #
Tube O.D. (in) Tube I.D. (in) Average Wall Thickness (in) Working Pressure (psi, at 73°F/23°C) Minimum Burst (psi, at 73°F/23°C)

Minimum Bend Radius (in)

22NTNA 1/8 .091 .017 375 1500 .50
532NTNA 5/32 .113 .022 375 1500 .63
33NTNA 3/16 .139 .024 375 1500 .75
44NTNA 1/4 .184 .033 375 1500 1.00
55NTNA 5/16 .232 .040 375 1500 1.50
66NTNA 3/8 .282 .048 375 1500 1.75
88NTNA 1/2 .375 .062 375 1500 2.38

Maximum Working Pressure (psig)


  • The suggested operating temperature range for service at rated pressures with compatible fluids is -60°F to 212°F (-51°C to 100°C)

Use with The Following Parker Fittings

  • Compression
  • Compress-Align
  • Poly-Tite
  • Hi-Duty
  • Fast & Tite
  • NTA
  • Flow Control
  • Prestolok Brass
  • Prestolok Composite
  • SAE Cartridges
  • Transmission
  • TrueSeal

A tube support should be used with this tubing for maximum holding power where end loading, vibration or pressure spikes may occur. See compatibility chart for plastic tubing with fittings.


How to Order

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Hose and hose fittings series must be correctly matched. Using any fittings other than those specifically designated by the hose manufacturer for use with each specific hose can lead to hose assembly failure. Hose assembly failures have lead to damage, injury and death.

California Prop 65 Warning WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including lead and/or DEHP and/or carbon black, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov