Pure Air Nylon Tubing | Parker Series PAT

Ultra Pure Air, UV Resistant

Ultra Pure Air, UV Resistant Nylon Tubing | Parker PAT Series

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  • The tubing choice for pure air systems (semiconductor) due to its cleanliness and excellent chemical and UV light resistance
  • Maintains good resistance to high ambient temperatures with low moisture absorption
  • Manufactured from a specially formulated nylon for use in pure air and gas distribution systems
  • Provides high tensile strength with excellent coupling retention in high pressure, temperature and vibration environments
  • Sizes -2 and -4 are single wall tubing construction
  • Sizes -6 through -12 are reinforced tubing construction

Sizes and Specifications

Part Number Tube O.D. (in) Tube I.D. (in) Average Wall Thickness (in) Working Pressure (psi, at 73°F/23°C) Minimum Burst (psi, at 73°F/23°C)

Minimum Bend Radius (in)

PAT2 1/8 .079 .023 250 1000 .37
PAT4 1/4 .170 .040 300 1200 1.00
PAT6 3/8 .251 .062 350 1400 1.50
PAT8 1/2 .376 .062 235 950 2.00
PAT10 5/8 .441 .092 225 900 2.50
PAT12 3/4 .566 .092 200 800 3.00

Available Colors Maximum Working Pressure (psig)
tubing-parker-pat-series-colors.png tubing-parker-pat-series-pressure-rating.png


  • Packaged on corrugated plastic reel with ends capped and shipped in a plastic-lined container
  • PAT tubing is rated for full vacuum service at 28 inch Hg
  • The suggested operating temperature range for service at rated pressures with compatible fluids is -70°F to 200°F (-57°C to 93°C)

Use with The Following Parker Fittings

  • Compression
  • Compress-Align
  • Hi-Duty
  • Fast & Tite
  • NTA

A tube support should be used with this tubing for maximum holding power where end loading, vibration or pressure spikes may occur. See compatibility chart for plastic tubing with fittings.


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