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OK – just because we’ve all done it, does not mean that we have to do it again... Next time you work on your brakes, be ready with brake hose plugs to prevent the brake fluid from spilling all over the floor while you work on your brake system.

This Brake Hose Plug Kit will take care of most thread configurations used on brake and clutch hoses of vehicles sold in the USA - including banjos.

Brake Hose Plugs - BQ7012

 Brakequip - Hose Plug Assortment Kit
BQ18 Male M10 x 1 2
BQ19 Male 3/8" x 24NF 2
BQ26 Male 7/16" x 24NS 2
BQ160 Female 3/8" x 24NF 2
BQ161 Female 7/16" x 24NS 2
BQ162 Female 7/16" x 20NF 2
BQ163 Female 1/2" x 20NF 2
BQ164 Female M10 x 1 2
BQ165 Female M10 x 1.25 2
BQ166 Female M12 x 1 2
BQ167 Female M12 x 1.5 2
BQ1020 Blocking off Tool (Fits banjo holes 3/8" to 5/81) 1