Parker Tube and Fitting Material Compatibility

As a general rule, tube and fitting materials should be the same. If different materials must be considered, the following chart can be used as a general guide. Since operating conditions differ with applications, this chart should be used only as a guide and not a firm recommendation.

Before making a final decision on material combination, it should be sufficiently tested under appropriate conditions to assure suitability for the intended application. For additional material combinations, contact the Tube Fittings Division.


NR Not Recommended   S Steel
F Fair   SS Stainless Steel
G Good   B Brass
E Excelent   M Monnel

Tube & Fitting Compatibility Notes

  1. For highly corrosive media or service environment, contact the Tube Fittings Division.
  2. Requires different assembly procedure. Contact the Tube Fittings Division.
  3. Low temperature limit for stainless steel Ferulok fittings is -20°F (-30°C).
  4. For brazing only. Grade 4130 not recommended with Parflange process.
  5. For use with Parflange process only. Not recommended with brazing.
  6. Use depends on specific application. Contact the Tube Fittings Division.
  7. Applies to tube material.
  8. Comparable specifications to SAE.
  9. With metric version of tubing.
  10. Not tested with Parflange. Contact the Tube Fittings Division.