Equipment and Tools for Hose, Tube & Piping Fabrication/Installation

Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. offers tools and equipment for hose assembly fabrication, tube bending, automotive plumbing (fabrication of automotive brake & clutch tubing), and other tools. Not all tools are listed on our website, please contact us with any questions.


Hose Assembly Machines (Crimpers) | Parker

Parker Parkrimp 1 crimper Parker Hose Crimpers

Since its introduction in 1980, the Parkrimp family of hose machines (hose crimpers) has led the industry in ease of use and rugged durability.

Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. offers portable, bench-moounted and production style Parker hose crimpers designed to crimp No-Skive hoses and No-Skive fittings to meet your needs.

Parker Hose Crimpers Advantage

With Parker hose crimpers, anyone can make factory quality hose assemblies quickly, easily and cost effectively.
  • Parker eight segment crimper dies provide a smooth, even 360 degree crimp.
  • Parker hose crimper bottom-loading operation makes it easy to handle long hose assemblies.
  • Parker crimper dies are linked to keep die segments together - no loose parts to mismatch.
  • Parker crimper dies are color-coded for easy identification and fast set-up.
  • Parker's exclusive Parkalign feature positions the fitting in the crimper dies perfectly every time.


Diagnostic Tools for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems | Parker Senso Control

Parker Senso Control Meters Senso Control Diagnostics

Parker family of Senso Control Diagnostic Meters, transducers, flow sensors, and other tools offer a maintenance and troubleshooting solution for every hydraulic and pneumatic equipment maintenance professional.


More production tools available - please contact us


Hose Production Equipment

  • Crimpers
  • Hose Cut-Off Machines
  • Hose Cut-Off Tools
  • Hosembler - Field Attachable Fittings Assembly Machine
  • Hose Insertion Depth Blocks
  • Mandrel Tool Kit for 22 Series Fittings
  • Assembly Tools for 22 Series Fittings
  • Mandrel Tool Kit for 23 Series Fittings
  • Mandrels for 25 Series Fittings

Tools for Automotive Plumbing

  • Bleeder Buster Kit - removes rusted bleede screws in a snap
  • Automotive Thread Gauge - identifies 99% of automotive brake plumbing threads
  • Tube Straightener - straightens light wall tubing
  • Brake Tube Pliers - helps to bend, cut, and hold brake tubing
  • Flaring Tool - creates bubble, mushroom, and double-flares

Piping Systems Assembly Tools

Transair Assembly Tools

Tools that make assembly of Transair air distribution piping systems and Legris industrial water distribution systems a snap