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MFCP supports a number of technologies used to create motion and flow in industrial and mobile applications. Our Technology Managers are experts in their respective fields and are responsible for supporting our customers during the research, acquisition, and implementation of products and services.

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Supported Technologies

CNG/Alternative Fuel

As the adaptation of alternative fuels continues, MFCP is your source for all the products needed to generate, distribute, or implement your alternative energy projects.


Automation leverages all technologies that improve the manufacturing process. As a leading provider of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical technologies, we offer solutions that drive the success of our customer's businesses.

Bonding - Structural

Take advantage of a streamlined manufacturing process with structural bonding.  We will work with you to find the best structural bonding solution to replace riveting, welding and other attachment methods. 


Pneumatic components provide a simple and reliable solution for many automation challenges, and MFCP is your local source of simple components or engineered solutions in pneumatics.


MFCP is your partner for your next project involving machine controls. We offer an extensive controls solution for both industrial and mobile equipment, and our engineers work with you to find a tailor-made solution for your unique needs.



Our experience in industrial automation allows us to combine high-quality products and cutting-edge technology to meet your needs for years to come. We provide you with a complete range of linear motion actuators and controls for a complete solution.

Engineered Materials

At MFCP, we work with the latest technology and materials to create innovative products that offer outstanding performance. Our robust portfolio of manufacturing partners means there's a seal technology solution for any application or volume level.


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of filtration products and technologies, giving customers a single streamlined source for all their filtration needs. Contact MFCP for all of your compressed air and gas, hydraulic, fuel, and process filtration needs. Additionally, we provide a variety of gas generator products.

Hose, Tubing, Fittings

The Hoses and Fittings services at our MFCP locations will help you keep all your equipment running smoothly with high-quality products for any application.   We have an extensive stock of all types of hose products and fittings.



MFCP is your one-stop for all of your industrial and mobile hydraulics. We go beyond selling you parts, we offer sizing and selection guidance, system builds, and factory authorized repairs. We know hydraulics.


We partner with global manufacturers to provide quality process control instrumentation, control valves, sensors, controls, and replacement parts. Additionally, we can provide complete assemblies and panels.

Machine Safety

Protecting personnel and equipment from accidents, injury or damage is paramount in today's industrial world. MFCP has the products and services you need to keep your equipment safe.

Remote System Monitoring - IIoT

IIoT-enabled factories are the future of manufacturing. They reduce start-up and operating costs, increase productivity & efficiency, and provide safer working conditions for employees. MFCP can provide the expertise to guide you to the solution best suited for your needs.

Seals & Gaskets

MFCP has over 50 years of experience providing sealing solutions. We offer an extensive range of seal products from global manufacturers, and a single source for your seal and gasket products with many in-house services.

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