This policy explains Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. (MFCP) terms and conditions for returns of goods previously sold by MFCP to a customer in a direct transaction. At its discretion, MFCP will accept the return of goods if the conditions described in this policy are met and, upon the proper receipt of goods in accordance with this policy MFCP will issue credit to the customer.

1. Return Goods Policy

  1. Only product that has been invoiced is eligible for return. For orders that are in process and have not yet been invoiced please see our order change and cancelation policy.
  2. Only standard stocked items are eligible for return unless the return is for quality reasons.
  3. Returned product must be in resalable condition and in its original packaging. Credit will not be issued for product which is not returned in a condition which MFCP considers resalable.
  4. Hose assemblies, cut hose, cut or bent tube, tube assemblies, seals, and kits are not eligible for return unless the return is for quality reasons.
  5. Product is eligible for return up to 180 days after the invoice date or the allowable return time from the original manufacturer if shorter than 180 days.
  6. The total value of product that may be returned by any customer may not exceed 5% of the previous calendar years’ purchases for that customer. Product returned for quality reasons is not included.
  7. A customer is allowed two returns in a calendar year. Product returned for quality reasons is not included.
  8. All returns except quality returns will be subject to restocking fee. The restocking fee will be the higher of 25% of the invoiced value of the returned product, or a restocking fee from our vendor.
  9. Prior to any return MFCP will issue a Return Materials Authorization (RMA). The RMA will provide instructions on how to return the goods.
  10. Product not received within 30 days of the issuance date on the RMA will not be accepted for return and will be sent back via freight collect.

2. Returns for Quality Concerns

  1. If product is of questionable quality or there is a suggested error in order entry or shipping resulting in a customer receiving unwanted product, the customer should contact MFCP and explain the concern.
  2. MFCP may request evidence of the quality concern in the form of a picture or sample of the problem, prior to issuing an RMA.
  3. At the discretion of MFCP it will issue an RMA to return the product in question for evaluation. MFCP will provide a response or an evaluation of the product or issue in question, and in the event of poor quality a credit where applicable.
  4. MFCP will not provide replacement product during the evaluation period. If replacement product is required, the customer must purchase it.

3. Procedures to Return Merchandise to MFCP

  1. Request an RMA as defined in section 1 or 2 above.
  2. Follow instructions given on the RMA within 30 days of the date the RMA was issued.
  3. Ensure that a copy of the RMA is with the shipment or clearly identify the RMA # on the shipment.
  4. Ship the merchandise back to the location indicated on the RMA, prepaid unless otherwise instructed on the RMA.
  5. Upon receipt of the merchandise and evaluation by MFCP, a response will be provided explaining our findings and detailing any credit issued.
  6. In the event of a credit a separate notification with the credit amount will be provided.

Request for Return Material Authorization