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It’s one of any company’s worst nightmares. A key component of your system has failed and production has halted. You determine that the part failed due to overheating or an unforeseen spike in pressure. Whatever the reason, your company loses revenue for as long as the downtime continues – not to mention the inevitable cost of repairs.

Parker SensoNODE Software At Work


To minimize downtime, monitor your equipment for performance issues and identify problems before equipment failure occurs. SensoNODE™ is your first step in advanced system condition monitoring.

By having immediate access to vital information, maintenance personnel can monitor and evaluate any pressure, temperature or humidity change that may damage components and systems over time, and take preventive measures to avoid system failure and downtime.


SensoNODE™ can be used in applications, such as

  • Mobile equipment
  • Life sciences
  • R&D laboratories
  • Paper and metal manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Waste treatment
  • Pumping stations
  • HVAC
  • Food and beverage packing

SensoNODE™ Mobile

SensoNODE™ Mobile is a low cost advanced condition monitoring system that employs Bluetooth® Smart1 technology for remote monitoring of pressure, humidity, and temperature.

At its heart are low power sensors that easily attach to machinery and monitor pressure, humidity, and temperature in even the most difficult-to-reach locations. Information is transmitted directly to a robust data platform on the user’s mobile device, which is designed to trend, assess, and monitor machine health quickly and accurately.

This information is then analyzed by system maintenance managers to discover clues about potential trouble to address small issues before system failure occurs. This proactive maintenance approach helps eliminate costly downtime and reduce unnecessary maintenance routines.

SensoNODE™ Mobile is designed for fast installation without wires or tools, and the wireless sensors are engineered for extended battery life. The system can be used for both liquid and gas, and is designed to work in multiple configurations with various pressure ranges.

 SensoNODE Pressure Sensors SensoNODE Temperature Sensors  SensoNODE Humidity Sensors 










SensoNODE™ Blue

SensoNODE™ Blue combines all advantages of SensoNODE™ Mobile with added capacity of network connectivity. It works with SCOUT™ Mobile Software to capture pressure, temperature and humidity of multiple censors. The data can be viewed in real time and historical trends can be analyzed at any time.

  • Consistent and accurate readings for Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity
  • Diagnostics mode to collect streams of data for analysis
  • Beacon mode gives measurements and charts to any user within range
  • Easy wireless connection process
  • No power supply needed
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Robust use in harsh environments
  • LED indicator aids in identifying sensor status
  • Each sensor is uniquely identifiable for association with assets or processes
  • Remote monitoring with Bluetooth® Smart Technology, so no special device is required to read the information
SensoNODE Blue Pressure Sensors SensoNODE Blue Temperature Sensors SensoNODE Blue Humidity Sensors


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