Parker P31 Mini Lubricator



  • Integral 1/4" ports
  • Robust, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Proportional oil delivery over a wide range of air flows
  • Fingertip ratchet control for precise precise oil drip rate adjustment


Lubricator with drain

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Part Numbers

Part Number  Description

Port Size

Dm3/s (scfm)

Max. Bar (psig)


mm (in)


mm (in)


mm (in)


Poly bowl - no drain

 1/4" 19 (40) 10 (150) 153.3 (6.04)  40 (1.58)  40 (1.58) 
P31LB92LMNN  Metal bowl - no drain
 1/4" 19 (40) 17 (250) 153.3 (6.04) 
  40 (1.58)   40 (1.58)



Service Kits and Mounting Brackets

Part Number Description
P31KB00BGN Plastic bowl / Bowl guard no drain
P31KB00BMN Metal bowl / w/o sight gauge no drain
P31KA00PG Drip control assembly
P31KA00PL Fill plug
P31KA00MW C-bracket (fits to body)
P31KA00MT T-bracket with body connector
P31KA00CB Body connector

Technical Specifications

Flow Capacity: 19 dm3/s (40 SCFM)
Operating Temperature: (Metal Bowl)  14°F to 150°F
  (Plastic Bowl) 14°F to 125°F
Max. Supply Pressure: (Metal Bowl) 17 bar (250 psig)
  (Plastic Bowl) 10 bar (150 psig)
Useful Retention: 0.6 oz
Port Size: 1/4" (BSPP, BSPT, NPT)
Weight: 0.29 lbs (0.13 kg)

Warning Triangle WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including lead and/or DEHP and/or carbon black, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to