Bump Tube Adapters for Automotive Brake & Clutch Applications | BrakeQuip

Handy, hard to get tube adapters for power steering and fuel systems.



 Brakequip - Bump Tube Adapters
Brakequip - Bump Tube Adapters
1. Comes with a high temperature

2. Viton O-Ring

3. Imperial & Metric Threads

Bump Tube Adapters

14MMBT-6MJ 9/16' x 18NF (No.6 JIC) M14 x 1.5 39mm
16MMBT-6FI 5/8' x 18NF (Inverted Seat) M16 x 1.5 32mm
16MMBT-6MJ 9/16' x 18NF (No.6 JIC) M16 x 1.5 39mm
18MMBT-6MJ 9/16' x 18NF (No.6 JIC) NEW  M18 x 1.5 39mm
5MBT-5MJ 1/2' x 20NF (No. 5 JIC) 1/2' x 20NF 37mm
7MBT-6MJ 9/16' x 18NF (No.6 JIC) 11/16' x 18NF 41mm

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