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Parker 6100 Series QC

6100 Series

 Parker 5000 Series QC

5000 Series

 Parker 8200 Series QC

8200 Series

 Parker 9200 Series QC

9200 Series


Parker connect under pressure hydraulic couplers are non-spill hydraulic couplings which can be used to connect and disconnect lines fullly pressurized lines. Their design minimizes air inclusion during connect or disconnect operation.

Parker connect under pressure couplers are in many hydraulic applications where hydraulic fluid spillage presents a serious safety or environmental hazard and where relieving pressure prior to connecting or disconnecting is impractical. These Double Shut-Off couplings can be found in applications such as construction and logging equipment, agricultural machinery, oil tools, and steel mills.

Parker connect under pressure quick disconnects are primarily used with hydraulic fluid. Other fluids may require special seals for compatibility, please contact us with your special requirements.

Protective dust plugs and caps play a crucial role in the life of a quick coupling and no purchase of a hydraulic quick coupling is complete without the selection of an appropriate dust plug and cap. See pages noted in Table of Contents for dust plugs and caps for the Parker full line of hydraulic couplings.


Choose from the following Parker Connect Under Pressure Hydraulic Couplers:

 Parker 6100 Series QC  2000 to 3000 PSI
 Parker 5000 Series QC  2500 PSI
 Parker 8200 Series QC  3000 PSI
 Parker 9200 Series QC  3000 PSI
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