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Parker 6100 Series Hydraulic Couplers Key Features

  • The connection indicator, a Parker innovation, serves as a visual check for complete connection of the 6100 coupling. It helps prevent premature failures and leaks. It assures that the connection is complete and the valves fully open, eliminating unnecessary flow restriction.
  • The Parker heavy-duty wing nut is ruggedly built-specifically to withstand the hammer blows commonly used to tighten and loosen this coupler.
  • The flange is designed to give a positive “no-slip” bulkhead mounting to reduce downtime.
  • The bonded valve seal permits full pressure connect and disconnect—without seal washout.
  • The flush face valve keeps air inclusion and spillage to a minimum.
  • Corrosion resistant brass body makes this coupling compatible with a broad range of media and provides versatility.

6100 Series Product Specifications


6100 Series Couplers 6100 Series Nipples


Parker’s 6100 Series, is a thread-to-connect low spill coupling that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications where connected under pressure is required. The 6100 is ideal for connecting hydraulic lines on oil field equipment like power tongs, swivels and mobile drilling rigs. It is also widely used on dump trailers to connect the tractor to wet-line hydraulic systems.

The 6100 Series is suitable for many applications where high flow connect under pressure couplings are required. Other uses include: submersible pumps, engine test stands, and bulk liquid CO2 transfer.

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