General Purpose Hydraulic Quick Couplers | Parker 60 Series - STEAM

Parker 60 Series Steam Couplers Key Features

Parker 60 Series STEAM Service couplings are similar to 60 Series couplers but are especially designed for steam service:
  • The 60 Series for STEAM QC body material is brass
  • The seal material is Ethylene Propylene
  • The temperature range is -65°F to +400°F
The following features are the same as 60 Series Couplings:
  • Large flow areas machined into the body of the Parker 60 Series STEAM couplers and nipples facilitate flow around the valve, resulting in a high flow capacity.
  • The perch maintains valve alignment and provides positive metal to metal valve stop to ensure that the valves open fully, every time.
  • Captive valve seal assures “bubble tight” poppet sealing. The valve seal is positively captured by the metal poppet to minimize seal washout or damage by high velocity fluid.
  • Solid barstock construction make for a quality coupling with maximum resistance to damage from hydraulic and mechanical shock.
  • The seal is designed to withstand high pressures and provide reliable sealing.
  • Brass couplers have a double O-ring seal for redundancy in low pressure, vacuum and steam applications.
  • Durable ball-locking mechanism assures reliable connection, every time. A large number of locking balls distributes the work load evenly while providing alignment and swiveling action to reduce hose torque and prolong hose life.
  • Parker 60 Series STEAM couplings comply with ISO 7241, Series B Standard.

60 Series Steam Couplings Specifications

60 Series STEAM Couplers 60 Series STEAM Nipples


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