Parker 20 Series Pneumatic Couplings | General Purpose - Manual Connect

Parker 20 Series Pneumatic QC Parker 20 Series are couplers that accept industrial interchange nipples manufactured by Parker and other manufacturers.

Standard seals are Nitrile. Optional materials are available - contact us with questions.


20 Series QC Dimensions & Specifications:

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Sleeve type couplings, such as Parker 20 Series, are widely used to connect air lines. Parker 20 Series Couplings can also be used with low pressure fluids such as water, grease, or paint.

20 Series Coupling's compact and economical design uses a ball locking mechanism consisting of captive steel balls that engage the locking groove on the mating nipple. The sliding spring loaded sleeve on the coupler must be manually retracted in order to connect or disconnect the nipple. It is easy to do, but two hands are normally required.

Common applications: compressed air, water, grease, paint, limited vacuum and limited gases.

Parker 20 Series Couplings Specifications & Performance


Body Size (in.) 1/4 3/8 1/2
Rated Pressure (PSI) 300 300 300
Temperature Range (Std. seals)* -40° to +250° F.
Locking Device 4 balls 8 balls 8 balls
Vacuum Data (inches Hg) Disconnected (coupler only) Connected Not Recommended
27.4 27.4 27.4


Parker 10 Series QC Pressure Drop Chart


Parker General Purpose Pneumatic Coupling Repair Kits

The repair kits below are for Parker 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, & TL Series Pneumatic Couplings.

1/4 Nitrile 21K
1/4 Ethylene Propylene 21KW
1/4 Fluorocarbon 21KY
3/8 Nitrile 14K
3/8 Ethylene Propylene 14KW
3/8 Fluorocarbon 14KY
1/2 Nitrile 16K
1/2 Ethylene Propylene 16KW
1/2 Fluorocarbon 16KY
3/4 Nitrile 38K
3/4 Ethylene Propylene 38KW
3/4 Fluorocarbon 38KY