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Parker precision-made tube fittings are very effective at providing leak-free connections in equipment requiring high-performance hydraulic fittings and are dimensionally interchangeable - so that you can easily replace any fitting with quality Parker parts.

All Parker tube fittings are tested to bursting pressure, 4:1 ratio, to withstand high-pressure applications. The Parker proprietary TS1000 plating ensures unparalleled corrosion protection. They last up to 13 times longer in the salt spray test than required by SAE.

Parker tube fittings are manufactured from the best materials to assure fitting strength and durability. For example, tube nuts are “cold-formed” from quality materials for close-grained toughness. The result is a fitting with total reliability – a fitting that can stand up to years of rigorous service.

By installing quality Parker fittings, you will avoid costly hydraulic system leaks, and lost production time that may be caused by using inferior tube fittings.

Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. will provide you with the right Parker tube fitting for your need including O-ring face seal fittings (Seal-Lok), 37° flare JIC fittings (Triple-Lok, Triple-Lok 2), flareless bite type fittings (Ferulok, Intru-Lok, EO & EO-2), and Code 61/62 flange connections. From corrosion-resistant fittings to lightweight aluminum fittings, we have the right tube fitting for your application.

Parker tube fittings are the choice of leading manufacturers worldwide, and worldwide availability makes it convenient for you – no matter your location!

Parker Seal-Lok ORFS fittings

O-Ring Flat Face Fittings (ORFS)

ORFS fittings are very effective at providing leak-free connections in hydraulic systems running at higher working pressures.

JIC 37° Flare Fittings

The most widely used fittings throughout the world. Parker's Triple-Lok fittings are rated up to 9,000 psi in size -4 (1/4"). Parker 37° flare Triple-Lok 2 fittings employ elastomeric seals.

Flareless Bite-Type Fittings

The ferrule "bites" into the tube to form a seal. No flaring or flanging is needed. EO-2 fittings employ elastomeric seals.

  • Parker Ferulok (For Inch Tubing)
  • Parker Intru-Lok (For Soft Tubing)
  • Parker EO (For Metric Tubing)
  • Parker EO-2 (For Metric Tubing)
  • Parker EO-3 (For Metric Tubing)

Hydraulic Flanges

 Parker diagnostic nipples


 Parker pipe fittings

Pipe Fittings

 Parker pipe swivels

Pipe Swivels



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