JIC 90-degree elbows | Parker Triple-Lok

Parker Triple-Lok JIC tube fitting design is simple. The tube fitting consists of three pieces: the body, the nut and the sleeve. The tube end is flared at a mating 37 degree angle and sandwiched between the fitting nose (seat) and the sleeve. This creates a very effective seal between the fitting nose and tube flare, or hose. Read more about how JIC fittings work.

Although most JIC fittings are commonly viewed as 3,000 PSI connectors, Parker Triple-Lok JIC flared fittings are rated at 9,000 PSI for 1/4" size to 2000 PSI for 2” size. Parker JIC 37 degree flare fittings are manufactured in steel, 316 stainless steel or brass, and are readily available through Hose & Fittings, Etc.

Available JIC 90° elbow end configurations:

Parker Union Elbow ETX

Union Elbow


Parker Bulkhead Union WETX

Bulkhead Union


Parker 37 Degree Swivel Elbow C6X

37° Swivel Elbow


Parker SAE-ORB 37 Degree Swivel AOEX6

SAE-ORB / 37° Swivel


Parker NPTF 37 Degree Swivel X6EF

NPTF / 37° Swivel


Parker SAE-ORB 37 Degree Flare C5OX

SAE-ORB / 37° Flare


Parker SAE-ORB 37 Degree Long CC5OX

SAE-ORB / 37° Long


Parker NPTF 37 Degree Long CTX

NPTF / 37° Flare


Parker NPTF 37 Degree Long CCTX

NPTF / 37° Flare Long


 Parker NPTF 37 Degree Extra Long CCCTX

NPTF / 37° Flare Extra Long


Parker NPTF 37 Degree Flare DTX

NPTF / 37° Flare


Parker ISO-6149 37 Degree Flare C87OMX

ISO-6149 / 37° Flare


Parker Metric-ORR 37 Degree Flare C8OMX

Metric-ORR / 37° Flare


 Parker BSPP-ORR 37 Degree Flare C4OMX

BSPP-ORR / 37° Flare


Parker BSPT 37 Degree Flare C3MX

BSPT-ORR / 37° Flare


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