JIC Elbows | Parker Triple-Lok® 2 Soft Seal Flare Tube Fittings

Parker Triple-Lok 2 37° flare tube fittings utilize an elastomeric seal (O-ring) in the flare nose for improved seal reliability in applications where stainless steel fittings are required.

Similar to the standard stainless steel Triple-Lok fitting, Triple-Lok 2 consists of three pieces: the body (with O-ring), the standard Triple-Lok sleeve and standard Triple-Lok nut. The tube end is flared at a 37° angle (74° included angle) and held between the fitting nose and sleeve with the nut, providing a very effective elastomeric seal between the fitting nose and the tube flare.

 JIC Brazed Male Tube Assembly 37° flared JIC tube fittings (such as Parker Triple-Lok and Triple-Lok 2) are the most widely used fittings in the world. JIC fittings' appeal is its adaptability, compact design, ease of assembly, reliability and availability.

Parker Triple-Lok 2 fittings are manufactured in stainless steel, and are readily available through Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc.

Below is the list of end configurations for Parker Triple-Lok 2 tube fittings available from Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc.

Scoll down to see the drawings and part numbers for the available elbow JIC fittings end configurations:



Union Elbow



Swivel Nut Elbow



NPTF Male Elbow



SAE-ORB Straight Thread Elbow




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