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We organized the catalogs by broad product categories they contain. Many catalogs cover products from more than one product category; you will find those catalogs under every applicable product heading.

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MFCP Solutions & Services

As a leading provider of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical technologies, we offer solutions that drive the success of our customers' businesses.

Automotive/Transportation Product Catalogs

Compressed Air & Gas Treatment Products

At MFCP, we understand the importance of having clean, dry, and impurity-free compressed air or gas for your industrial and commercial operations. That's why we offer a wide range of compressed air and gas treatment technologies designed to purify and prepare the compressed air or gas for use in your specific application. We have the right solution for you, from filters, dryers, and separators to air compressors and piping systems.

Cylinders & Actuators

MFCP is proud to offer a wide range of actuators and cylinders for various industrial and mobile applications.  Our team of experts can help you choose the proper actuator or cylinder for your application.  From pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders to electric actuators, we have the right solution for your specific needs.

Fabrication Equipment, Tools & Diagnostic

Fittings & Hose Ends

The Hoses and Fittings services at our MFCP locations will help you keep all your equipment running smoothly with high-quality products for any application.   We have an extensive stock of all types of hose products and fittings.

Hoses & Hose Accessories

Hydraulic Products

MFCP is your one-stop for all of your industrial and mobile hydraulics. We go beyond selling you parts, we offer sizing and selection guidance, system builds, and factory authorized repairs. We know hydraulics.

Metal & Plastic Tubing

Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic components provide a simple and reliable solution for many automation challenges, and MFCP is your local source for components or engineered solutions in pneumatics.

Fuel Transfer Pumps

Quick Couplings

We offer a wide range of quick couplings to provide secure and reliable connections for your compressed air, hydraulic, fluid, or material handling systems. 


Seals, O-Rings & Gaskets

MFCP has over 50 years of experience providing sealing solutions. We offer an extensive range of seal products from global manufacturers, and a single source for your seal and gasket products with many in-house services.

Chomerics EMI & Thermal Management

Engineered Polymer Systems

O-Ring & Engineered Seal

Composite Sealing Systems