Metric Bite Type Caps and Plugs

Parker EO: 24° flareless fittings for metric tubing EO flareless fittings for metric tubing are a great choice for leak free connections under various service conditions ranging from sealing high vacuum and small molecule gases, to high-pressure hydraulic fluids. EO fittings’ compact design makes them ideal for plumbing applications in limited or tight space.

EO fittings are suitable for applications in subzero as well as elevated temperatures. The exact service temperature rating is determined by the choice of fitting material, and since EO fittings can be manufactured from a wide range of metals, it's compatibility with various fluids, temperatures, and atmospheric conditions is virtually limitless.

Available Configurations | Parker EO Caps and Plugs for Metric Tubing

Flareless Cap

Flareless Caps

Part Number:  VKA
Manufacturer: Parker

Flareless Plug

Flareless Plugs

Part Number:  ROV
Manufacturer: Parker


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