O-ring Face Seal Tube Fittings | Parker Seal-Lok | SAE J1453, ISO 8434-3

Parker O-ring face seal tube fittings are available at Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. Stores

Parker ORFS (Seal-Lok) Available Configurations

Parker ORFS (Flat Face) Fittings are available in the following configurations:

Seal-Lok tube fittings (also known as flat face, O-ring face seal or ORFS fittings) have been proven to be very effective in eliminating leakage at higher pressures found in today's hydraulic systems. Parker Seal-Lok fittings meet or exceed the requirements of SAE J1453 and ISO 8434-3.

Parker Seal-Lok fittings feature a captive O-ring groove (CORG) design for optimal sealing, and prevention of O-ring fall-out prior to final assembly.

Parker O-ring face seal tube fittings are available in steel, stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.

The Parker Seal-Lok tube fitting consists of a nut, a fitting body, an O-ring and a sleeve. In a Seal-Lok / flat face fitting, holding control is attained by a flat-faced flange on the end of the tube. As the nut is tightened onto the fitting body, the O-ring is compressed between the body and flat face of the tube flange, or braze sleeve, to form a tight, positive seal.