Parker JIS Fittings

Parer JIS Fittings JIS fittings are typically used as hose adapters on equipment designed and/or manufactured in Japan and Korea. Parker’s JIS adapters are designed with 30° flare and 60° cone connections and typically incorporate BSP threads.

Parker JIS adapters are designed with BSPP and BSPT port ends and two styles of hose ends: T4 (30° flare, BSPP threads) and P4 (60° cone, BSPP threads). Two additional Parker series of tube fittings, KA (Komatsu flare) and K4 (BS B5200) adapters, are similar to JIS style fittings but JIS FITTINGS ARE NOT INTERCHANGABLE WITH KA/K4 FITTINGS.

Design & Construction:

Shaped JIS adapters are manufactured from a hot forged construction. Straight adapters are manufactured from cold drawn barstock.

Threads: The standard JIS products are manufactured with the thread forms listed below:
  • BSPP Threads: ISO 228-1 G, JIS B 0202,
  • BSPT Threads: ISO 7/1, JIS B 0203

Identification: All Parker JIS fittings are stamped with “JIS” for positive identification and differentiation from similar style fittings.