560TJ | Parker Parflex Thermoplastic Hose

The Parflex 560TJ (TOUGHJACKET™) hose is ideal for large-scale, heavy-duty applications such as construction equipment and material handling equipment. This compact, lightweight hose is available in long lengths, which makes it ideal for over the sheave applications. The abrasion resistant cover and durable wire construction allow the Parker 560TJ hose to handle the strains of the most demanding applications.

Parker's TOUGHJACKET™ hose covers are designed with a material that exceeds the abrasion resistance of comparable hoses by more than 100%. These rugged polyurethane hose covers also feature a low length change under pressure (+/- 2%). With a resilient, abrasion resistant cover and up to 3600 psi constant working pressure, this TOUGHJACKET™ solution has the ability to transform and enhance current systems.

Note: The Parker 560R hose has been converted to the 560TJ TOUGHJACKET™ construction.

560TJ Hose Features

Image of Parker 560TJ Hose
  • Consistent long lengths
  • Ozone and UV resistant
  • 23% to 42% lighter than rubber 100R1AT hose
  • Smaller O.D. than 100R1AT rubber hose
  • TOUGHJACKET abrasion resistant cover
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Small minimum bend radius
  • Multi-line bonded assemblies available

Specifications: Meets or exceeds SAE 100R1AT; MSHA accepted
Application:  Hydraulic circuits and systems
Inner Tube:  Copolyester
Reinforcement:  Single wire braid (high tensile steel)
Cover:  Polyurethane Toughjacket™
Temperature Range:  -40˚F to +250˚F (-40˚C to +121˚C): petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils

Up to +185˚F (+85˚C): Synthetic/synthetic blend and water/oil emulsion hydraulic fluids

Up to +135˚F (+57˚C): Water/glycol hydraulic fluids
Vacuum Rating: 28 inch Hg
Fittings Series: 

560TJ Hose Sizes and Specifications

Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Working Pressure Min.
Weight Hose Ends
hose in mm in mm psi MPa in mm lbs/ft kg/m Crimp Field Attach
560TJ-3 3/16 5 0.39 10 3625 25.0 0.75 19 .01 .11 56 -
560TJ-4 1/4 6 0.47 12 3250 22.4 1.50 38 .09 .14 56 -
560TJ-5 5/16 8 0.53 13 3000 20.6 1.75 44 .11 .16 56 -
560TJ-6 3/8 10 0.61 16 2750 19.0 2.00 51 .14 .21 56 -
560TJ-8 1/2 13 0.75 19 2500 17.2 3.00 76 .19 .29 56 -
560TJ-10 5/8 16 0.93 24 2000 13.7 4.00 102 .31 .47 56 -
560TJ-12 3/4 19 1.04 26 1750 12.0 4.25 108 .28 .42 56 -

Note: Parker's Parflex division has announced a new resin approved for use in the manufacturing of their Hybrid 2.0 and TOUGHJACKET™ hose. The addition of this new copolyester inner tube material will allow Parker to insure a stable supply of product for customers. Hoses that are made with this material will meet the same specifications that can be found in the current 4660 catalog and will not change in form or function. This change will begin in November 2017 and is expected to be fully implemented in 2018.


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Hose and hose fittings series must be correctly matched. Using any fittings other than those specifically designated by the hose manufacturer for use with each specific hose can lead to hose assembly failure. Hose assembly failures have lead to damage, injury and death.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and/or DEHP and/or carbon black, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov