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Parker Hydraulic Hose Selection

GlobalCore Hose

Image of Parker GlobalCore Hose

Parker GlobalCore is a unified system of hoses designed to meet the most common working pressures in the industry. GlobalCore can withstand the toughest conditions, providing the highest standards of performance and value while reducing inventory and part number complexity.


GlobalCore consists of six series of hoses: 187, 387, 487, 722, 787 and 797. Pairing the hoses with fittings is simple, as each hose uses either Parker's 43 or 77 series, which are available in a largest variety of configurations. Several cover options are available to best suit your hose's application.

Constant Working Pressure Hose

Image of Parker 711 Hose Parker's Constant Working Pressure hose is designed with a unique construction that allows the pressure rating to remain constant regardless of the hose's size, delivering consistency and reliability. Parker’s complete line of constant working pressure hose is what to specify when ease of use is required. 

Industry Standard Hydraulic Hose

Image of Parker JK Hose Parker offers a wide variety of Industry Standard Hydraulic Hoses that serve many applications and a wide variety of markets. From one- and two-wire braided, and up to four-wire spiral hose construction, and with a variety of cover options to protect from abrasive situations, Parker hoses cover the pressures and media to get the job done. SAE 100R1 TYPE AT SAE 100R2 TYPE AT SAE 100R16

SAE 100R17


SAE 100R12

SAE 100R19

SAE J1942

Hybrid Hydraulic Hose

Image of Parker HFS Firescreen Hybrid Hose Parker Parflex Hybrid Hoses are generally constructed with a copolyester tube, one or two-wire reinforcement, and a synthetic rubber cover. These hoses offer superior flexibility and a versatile range of fluid compatibility in medium pressure hydraulic applications. The lightweight, compact design of Parker's hybrid hoses makes them easier to transport, route and work with than comparable rubber hoses.

Suction & Return Line Hose

Image of Parker 811 Hose Parker’s 811, 811HT and 881 Suction Line hoses combine to meet a wide range of suction and return application requirements. Compatible with Parkrimp or field attachable fittings, and with a high-visibility layline, they are suitable for vacuum applications from 25 to 28 in/Hg. 

Push-Lok Multipurpose Hose

Image of Parker 801 Hose The unique seal of Push-Lok Multipurpose Hose ensures a reliable, durable, leak-free service. Push-Lok's easy assemblies can be made in seconds, saving valuable time and money.

Phosphate Ester Hose

Image of Parker 424 Hose Parker's Phosphate Ester hose selection offer the industry’s largest selection of low-, medium- and high-pressure hoses specifically designed to resist aggressive airline hydraulic fluids.

Low Temperature Hose

Image of Parker 301LT Hose  Parker’s family of Low Temperature Hoses are designed specifically to excel in brutal operating conditions of extreme cold. Rated at temperatures as low as -70°F,these No-Skive hoses use Parker’s standard 43, 71 and 79 Series fittings and easy-to-use Parkrimp style crimping system.

Transportation Hose

Image of Parker 293 Hose Designed for rugged transportation applications, Parker Transportation Hose is available in the sizes, pressure ratings, special designs and long-lasting durability your vehicle and equipment applications demand.

Alternative/Marine Hose

Image of Parker 221FR Hose Parker hoses for the Marine industry meet international requirements and industry standards across multiple functions.

Refrigerant Hose

Image of Parker 285 Hose Parker’s Refrigerant line of hoses are designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of bus and transit applications, exceeding all requirements. 285 and 244 combine to offer a wide range of sizes, and offer excellent effusion rates, long service life and resist moisture ingression.

Flexible Metal Hose

Image of Parker 9P Hose  




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