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Series 7122 is a flexible, lightweight light duty hose connector for transfer of LP gas vapor in space heaters for chicken brooders and other light applications. The hose construction incorporates multiple textile plies of reinforcement for flexibility and kink resistance. The perforated cover is resistant to mild chemicals, oil and ozone.

Series 7122 and Natural Gas: The molecules of natural gas are small, enhancing their ability to permeate through standard rubber hose constructions. The permeation process is more rapid as the working pressure increases, and natural gas accumulates with potentially dangerous consquences. Series 7122 may be used for natural gas service, but ONLY under all the following conditions:

  • The application must be in a well-ventilated environment, outdoors or indoors with significant continuous air movement.
  • Series 7122 is not to replace fixed/rigid pipe where that material is more appropriate due to reduced permeation and overall strength and durability. Use rigid pipe, non-permeable tubing or hose with barrier constructions to convey natural gas whenever possible.
TUBE Black nitrile
REINFORCEMENT Multiple textile plies

Red chloroprene; perforated smooth finish

TEMPERATURE RANGE -20°F to 160°F (-29°C to 71°C) (Note: The hose construction is capable of this rating, but LP gas should NEVER be conveyed over 140/60°C)
  • LP gas - vapor ONLY
  • Chicken brooders, space heaters
  • Agriculture, light industrial
VACUUM Not recommended


Part #

ID (in) Reinf Plies
OD (in) Min Bend Rad (in) Max Rec WP (psi) Perm Cplg Rec*
7122-38200 3/8 2 0.656 3.8 125 HY

 *Couplings: Refer to CrimpSource at for coupling recommendations and crimp specifications.



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